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A Note to My Black Son...

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Toya L. Adams-Driscal is a wife, mother and teacher from Garfield Heights, Ohio (a small suburb of Cleveland). She is married to Monte Driscal, the mother of Mason Xavier Charles Driscal, and bonus mom to Jalen and Jamir Huston. She is an educator with 16+ years of experience and holds a license to teach English/Language Arts grades 7-12.  Her experience includes tutoring and teaching scholars of all ages from Kindergarten to adult. She is an alumnus of Cleveland State University, obtaining her Master's of Education with a concentration in Secondary Urban Education in 2004. Toya loves to sing, travel, read young adult literature and binge watch TV shows. She dreams of one day having her books make it on to the New York Times Best Sellers List and using her platform to help make necessary change within the community.

About the Book

As we know, today's society has been and continues to be unkind to our Black Boys and Men. When the video of George Floyd's death surfaced on social media, it was difficult for me to view. I was only able to make it to the point of hearing him cry out in agony for his mother. It wrenched my heart so tightly, all I could do was weep. In that very moment, I had a soul stirring epiphany which was a need to offer our black sons new encouragement, inspiration, and uplifting as everyday they are faced with daily demonization from society. Hearing George Floyd cry out to his mother instantly brought up thoughts of my own son Mason. What if he were in that situation? What could I possibly do to help him? What if I wasn't around to help him? What would he have done?  Why was he in that situation? Many questions flooded my mind and my part became clear. It was then that A Note to My Black Son... was born.


I immediately began going through my contacts on social media and in my cell phone to make a list of all of my friends who were Black Moms with Black Sons. It was my desire to include as many of my Black Mom friends as I could because I knew they were probably feeling the same pain. The response was overwhelming yet humbling at the same time. I was excited that so many of my Black Mom friends replied favorably, but saddened that it had to be related to such a somber subject. All of our Black Sons including my 11 yr old Mason, could be viewed as a threat or "fit the description" simply by being a Black Man living in America.

As the Mom of a Black Son, a Black human, it is important to encourage him as well as myself, particularly in the current social climate of our America. In this unprecedented time, where cameras are able to capture the violence creating greater awareness of what Blacks have long known as truth, it is important that we surround ourselves with encouragement, positivity, and inspiration in any way that we can. A Note to My Black Son... is a collection of personalized notes created to offer that encouragement, positivity, and inspiration to our Black Sons from their Moms. The Mother and Son bond is very unique and unparalleled. For me, it's unlike any other relationship that I will ever experience. As a result, it is important that in a world that tries to destroy our Black Sons at every turn, they are able to find some solace and peace. What better way to offer them that opportunity than by sharing a note specifically addressed to them from the woman who loves them most?



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