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Spotlight on "A Note To My Black Son..." Moms pt 2

Below you will find the next set of moms who participated in helping me to create this book. Read on to hear some of their stories!

Black Mom: Leatrice

Black Son: Bradford

Leatrice is a wife, mother, educator and lover of Jesus. She enjoys spending time with family and has loved every minute of being a Mom! Her relationship with her Son is so special and she is grateful for the bond that they share. Bradford is an incredibly compassionate and loving young man. Brad is very excited to move to Los Angeles, California and pursue his dream of screenwriting.

Why she chose to participate in this project: "I decided to contribute to this project because I believe our Son's will be encouraged by the love and wisdom poured out on them through the book. I also believe it will be a lasting memorial to the love Mother's have for their Sons."

Graduation Celebration at New Community Bible Fellowship. Bradford graduated from The Ohio State University. Sunday, May 3, 2020 Magna Cum Laude With Honors in Arts & Sciences With Honors Research Distinction in Film Studies.

Black Mom: Sheryl

Black Son: Cameron

My favorite job in all of my life has been being Mom to my 2 children! I continue to say I was born just to be their mother. Loving family and community is a gift I've tried to pass on to them both. My hope is that this often brutal world will know my Black Son, Cameron Smith, as an intelligent, compassionate, loving, free spirited, brave human who changed humanity just through his existence.

Why she chose to participate in this project: "I chose to participate in A Note To My Black Son... because I wanted to help those that villainize my Son, and other Sons that have skin hues of Black and Brown, to see his and their humanness. This book helps encourage him, other Black Men and Black Boys to be a force of nature in pursuit of their own greatness! It is a gift from the Universe to the world. Thank you for the privilege.

Side note: Toya is my little sister so I had no choice but to participate"

Black Mom: Kyra (Pooh Mommy) Kyra J Hall MEd

Black Son: Angelo (Pooh Man)

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me and my Pooh! Angelo and I are best friends! We're in competition for who loves whom more! He often tries to beat me by saying "I love you more," then quickly hanging up the phone or facetime call--or he will try to quickly say "I love you more," when we say our goodbyes or good nights. I pray that one day he's blessed enough to experience the love I have for him through his own children.

Why she chose to participate in this project: "I thought it a wonderful opportunity to share in Toya's vision for this piece of work for a few reasons, the main one being that I wanted to share my love for my son with everyone! I often post about him on social media in awe of his wonderfulness and greatness! This is just another platform for that. I also believe in the importance of secure attachment relationships between parents and children. I believe that I am raising a resilient young man who will be respectful of himself, other people, and the world. I believe I am providing a childhood experience for him that he won't have to recover from! I also know that Toya and I share similar parenting values and beliefs. I believe this piece of work will be an impeccable way to lift up our young, Black Sons--and to let them know that they are loved, they are valued, they are appreciated, and that they matter! They are more than statistics. They are capable of love! They are capable of success! They are capable of defeating all the odds that are against them just because of their race and gender alone! I can't wait to read and share this work with my charming, charismatic, intelligent, loving, caring, compassionate, funny, Black Son!"

Make sure you come back and check out our next group of amazing moms. Stay tuned!


Masonz Mom

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