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Spotlight on "A Note To My Black Son..." Moms

Here are statements from a couple of the moms in the book. They state the reasons why they chose to participate and what their sons mean to them, especially during this unprecedented time. I thank them both for their tremendous contribution.

-Masonz Mom

Black Mom: Sadaqa

Black Sons: Kevin & Keith (My Black Sons)-Jordan & Keith, Jr. (My Black Grandsons)

I decided to participate in this project because one, Toya is my Sister-Cousin and I will always support my family! Second, with all the death, hurt and harm that our Brown/Black Boys/Men face, we need to be able to encourage them and express our love to them. I hope others picking up this book will share with other Brown/Black Boys/Men and be encouraged by the words inside the book and the spirit in which each Mom poured into her note.



Black Mom: Andratesha

Black Son: Tony, Jr.

Tony Jr. and I love theatre and have a huge interest in fighting against injustice.  We both love to use our imagination to dream of a better world and a better future. I love writing and Tony loves drawing.  We pray that our lives build bridges and break barriers.  

I decided to participate in this project to tell the truth about Black families. We are filled with love and light.  We are more than alive.  We are light!  

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