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My Son, The Dancer

My one and only son, Mason a.k.a. Sweet Pea came into the world a small giant at almost 10-pounds! Everyone who saw him would make jokes about him being a linebacker in the NFL one day; to their chagrin, he is quite the opposite. We had him enrolled in flag football, soccer, t-ball, baseball and basketball all by the age of 5. He didn't like flag football because he fell down and got muddy in one of the games and was ready to quit at that moment. He was kicked in the shin while playing soccer so he finished the season and said, "I'm done Mommy." He did enjoy playing t-ball but was only allowed to play that for 2 years because there's an age limit on that game. He didn't like baseball because his coach, Uncle Bo was "too mean", was always yelling at him and hurting his feelings. He played a total of 3 years of basketball (not consecutive) but that even fizzled out because he was "only playing to hang out with friends".

The one area where Mason excelled: DANCE! He danced in the womb every time he heard music. While I was pregnant, we attended a Jill Scott concert and I swear he was 2-stepping in my belly during her entire performance. When he went to daycare, the staff dubbed him "The Dancer" so when I would pick him up in the evenings, they would say, "Oh, you're 'The Dancer's' Mom, huh?" I remember video taping him and posting on my FB page a few years ago him dancing in New York & Company store while my mom was doing a little shopping and every person in that store, stopped to watch "his moves" as he allowed the beat of the music to take control and create each movement so effortlessly. It was at that moment, I knew that my son had a special gift that he was not ashamed to share with the whole world (whether they wanted to see it or not)! If "dance like there's nobody watching" was a person, it would be my Sweet Pea, Mason.

I admire his courage to not shrink in the presence of others, especially his haters. I am very quick to defend his choices to be an artist rather than the stereotypical "athlete" based on his size; at 11-years-old, he is 5'4" and weighs over 150 lbs. When people ask him about playing sports, football and basketball in particular, he confidently tells them he's not interested because he's going to be a dancer when he grows up (and I most definitely believe those words with my whole heart). He constantly challenges his father to dance contests and is still very quick to showcase his moves no matter where we might be, whether there's music playing or not, you can catch a glimpse of him "practicing".

And I absolutely love that about him (and not just because he's my son)! He is not shy about his gift and is constantly working to improve his craft by watching all types of dance: TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, music videos, etc. He even takes dance classes (along with drama and voice because my Sweet Pea is a triple threat) at Karamu House, the oldest producing African American theater in the United States. 

I say to you Mason, my Sweet Pea, keep reaching for those stars because I know that you are destined to be among them. I can see us at the Tony Awards, the Oscars and the like either choreographing the routines of the dancers on stage, dancing on the stage, accepting an award or any combination of those things. Keep sharing your gifts with the world because the same way you were inspired by someone, you will be some other little boy's inspiration too! 


Masonz Mom

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