• Meg Smith

Blown Away!

Last weekend, while at the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival, I met a wonderful couple; they visited my booth while I had walked away. My sister, Sheryl and nieces Megan and Annie took care of them. When I returned, they told me she had purchased both books so I ran to catch them so I could autograph them for her. While signing, she told me she was from Canada, and that her husband brought her to Cleveland for the Browns game as a surprise 40th birthday gift (she's a HUGE Baker Mayfield fan). I had no idea I was being recorded; today, she tagged me on her IG Reel ( Below is a photo that we took together. I am soooo appreciative and humbled by her support all the way from Canada! God is soooo AMAZING! Thank you Jesus for this short connection last Saturday afternoon

Still don't have your copy of the books? What are you waiting for?




-Mason's Mom

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